What Type of Songwriter Are You?

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Passionate about writing songs? Awesome — that’s essential for any long-term success in songwriting (obviously).

But how do you turn songwriting into a craft, or even a career?

Here’s the thing: not every songwriter writes the same way. Some are really into lyrics, some are more into production and beatmaking, and others prefer performing as an artist with an audience.

Now, you’re likely a mix of these three — but knowing your overall tendency puts a focus on your practice, so you can develop potential you didn’t even know you had.

And that starts with getting to know yourself — how you write, and what kind of songs you’re capable of writing.

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Desi Hunt

"The Songwriter Assessment was right on! It helped confirm my songwriting strengths while uncovering some new areas to explore. I'm excited to dive deeper armed with this new insight."

Discovering your unique songwriting style helps you write better songs with more confidence.


With this short quiz, you’ll be able to learn your unique songwriting superpower. Your results will help you answer crucial questions like:

  • What is my approach to writing songs?
  • What are my strengths… and my weaknesses?
  • How can I best contribute when collaborating with a co-writer?

Remember: writing better songs begins with understanding your creative self. Knowing how you work best will give you the direction you need to write a better song, and discover better opportunities.


What’s my songwriting superpower?

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